Top 45 C++ Interview Questions For Freshers and Experienced Professionals

Top 45 C++ interview questions

C++ is a very popular general-purpose programming language. Here is the list of the most popular top C++ interview questions asked in the job interview. These are the most commonly asked C++ interview questions regardless of the company you are giving an interview for. For freshers, the questions are asked mainly to check if the candidate understands the basic concept of the programming language. However, for experienced professionals are expected to answer the questions along with a best-fit real-time example.

  1. What is C++?
  2. What is the difference between C and C++?
  3. What are the advantage of C++?
  4. What is a Class?
  5. What is an Object?
  6. What is the difference between Class and Structure?
  7. Can you explain C++ Access Specifiers?
  8. What is “Private” in C++?
  9. What is “Public” in C++?
  10. What is “Protected” in C++?
  11. What is the full form of OOPS?
  12. Can you mention various OOP concepts in C++?
  13. What is Data Hiding?
  14. What is Abstraction?
  15. What is Encapsulation?
  16. What is Inheritance?
  17. What is “std” in C++?
  18. What is “cout” in C++?
  19. What is “cin” in C++?
  20. Can you explain the “using” keyword?
  21. What is the inline function?
  22. What is a storage class?
  23. What is overloading?
  24. Can you mention different types of member functions in C++?
  25. Can you explain function overloading?
  26. What is operator overloading?
  27. What is a constructor?
  28. What is a destructor?
  29. What is this pointer in C++?
  30. Can you explain the Scope Resolution operator(::) in C++?
  31. What is the copy constructor?
  32. What is the friend function?
  33. What is Call By Value in C++?
  34. What is Call By Address in C++?
  35. What is Call By Reference in C++?
  36. Can you explain function overriding?
  37. What is virtual function?
  38. What is pure virtual function?
  39. What is Abstract Class?
  40. Can you explain the reference variable in C++?
  41. What is a pointer?
  42. What is the difference between pointer and reference in C++?
  43. What is the “delete” operator?
  44. Can you explain the exception handling in C++?
  45. What is multi-threading in C++?
Top 45 C++ Interview Questions For Freshers and Experienced Professionals
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