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TheCloudStrap.com is a free platform for all the resources related to embedded software development and testing and interview-related questions & answers for various domains – Aerospace, Automotive, Transport etc. If you like “TheCloudStrap” and would like to contribute and showcase your talents and or expertise regarding embedded system software and coding, please read the guidelines below.

How can you contribute?

At present we are open to this option – “Donate Your Article”. You can send your article as a .docx, .doc or .odt document
to admin {at} TheCloudStrap [dot] com

If our editorial team thinks that it will be beneficial for our audience, we will accept your donation of the content, edit, and format it, and publish it onto our website. 

We would happily give you the author credit in the About the author section on the article page including your short bio and links to your social media sites such as Linkedin, Twitter etc. 

Can I get the Credit?

Yes, we will happily give you the author credit for the published article in the “about the author” section on the article page including your short Bio, your profile picture, and links to your professional media links such as Linkedin etc. By authorizing us to publish your post, you are agreeing that you will not publish the same article or it’s modified version to any other digital or print platform including your own blog, website, social media, etc. in any manner. You must sign the contributor agreement giving the article copyright to us.

How to submit the article?

You can send your article to us:  admin {at} TheCloudStrap [dot] com. 

You should also send us the short bio and social images (if you wish us to publish along with your picture) and other social media links.

What are the Guidelines to contribute?

In order to publish the article, it must be original content, and never published before on any digital platforms in any format including your own blog/website or any other physical printed format. The article should be related to embedded systems software development and testing, interview questions, etc. 

You also need to ensure that the article is plagiarized-free. We always perform a plagiarism check before we publish any article. 

If you include any images or videos in your article, you need to ensure that you own the copyrights of all the content that you are submitting. 

What should be the article format?

We will accept your article in the following format only:  .docx, .doc, and .odt. 

Once you send it to us, our team will take a look and get back to you within 48 Hrs. and let you know if the article is selected or rejected.

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